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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Steady Beat

In a post to Newsarama, author-illustrator Rivkah Greulich describes Elijah Peter, one of the main characters of Steady Beat, an Original English Language (OEL) manga that follows the life of Leah Winters as she "comes to terms with her sister’s… sexual preference."

He's originally from NYC, so there's quite a bit of culture clash between him and Leah, a Southern girl. And like all great romances, neither get along very well with one another. He has a secret of his own, too... but I can't tell until the next volume! Since the focus of the first volume is on Leah and her sister, things don't pick up with him until a little bit later in the series. However, I have a secret crush on Elijah, so he gets to run around with his shirt off in several scenes. Oh! And he's half African-American (father) and half Jewish (mother).

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