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Friday, February 17, 2006

A comic for the genizah

A genizah is, in the Jewish tradition, "a place where worn-out ritual objects, as well as any piece of paper on which the four-letter Hebrew name of God is found, can be placed for sacred storage and/or eventual burial".

Though it's a Christian comic, not a Jewish one, it seems that copies of the comic book Captain Miracle would need to be eventually buried in a Jewish cemetery, since the 4-letter Hebrew name of God appears in it. The four-letter name (יהוה) is spoken by the main character, Billy Batista (not to be confused with Billy Batson), to transform him into the Christian superhero Captain Miracle (not to be confused with either Captain Marvel or Miracleman).

You may view a preview of page 3 of the first issue (which shows Billy speaking the name) at

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