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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Diana Marsh's adaptation of "The Bleeding Tree"

Marsh's adaptation of the Jewish folk tale was available at the Alternative Press Expo back in August 2005. Her blog quotes a reviewer who was impressed with it :

Diana Marsh's The Bleeding Tree is a Jewish folktale with lush drawing and a truly disturbing last two pages. It seems like there's always a comics adaptation of some folktale or another, their brevity, I suppose. It's rare that someone takes advantage of the visual oppurtunities provided in these neat little stories and it's rarer that the comics are anything more than illustrated expositions. Marsh's talent really shows through in the last three wordless pages as she lets her drawing capture the quiet moment of something happening in the woods and nobody around to hear. I'd love to see this a little bit extrapolated, but maybe that's just because I've gotten so immersed in the Jewish religion and its prohibitions against blood lately.

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