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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Jewish Side of San Diego Comic Con 2017

My apologies for posting this so late.

Today is the first full day of the annual San Diego Comic Con International (aka Comicon).

As with many previous years, there will be many creators (writers, artists, editors, publishers) who will be in attendance who have created comic stories with Jewish content in attendance. There will also be a book launch and discussion for an anthology of Jewish stories titled A Minyen Yidn (A Bunch of Jews). 

Among the participants will be :

Abrams ComicArts (1216) is the publisher of the Hereville books, the English edition of Pascal Croci's AuschwitzYiddiskeit, and the English edition of Boxer: The True Story of Holocaust Survivor Harry Haft by Reinhard Kleist

Neal Adams  (1815) is the illustrator of the “Son O’ God” stories, which appeared in the pages of National Lampoon. You may read all of the Son O’God stories (as well as the story of how Adams was recruited to be the artist) at Dial B for Blog. Adams also illustrated the Batman story Night of the Reaper in which the vengeful Grim Reaper is revealed to be a Nazi-hunting Holocaust survivor. Adams penciled The Last Outrage” (inked by Andy Kubert’s father, Joe Kubert) which appeared in both The New York Times and the final issue of the miniseries X-men : Magneto : Testament and which also appeared as a stop-motion video on YouTube.

 Antarctic Press (2307) is the publisher of Families of Altered Wars [which included the "Stars of David" storyline] and Dictators of the Twentieth Century : Hitler #1-4.

 Sergio Aragon├ęs (I-07) is the illustrator of the "Fanny Hillman : Jewish Madam" books and he adapted the Jonah story for Testament.

Arsenic Lullaby (2200) - issue #12 contains "Pilsbury Doughboy at Auschwitz".

Bongo Comics Group (2519) is the publisher of the Simpsons franchise comics, which includes The Simpsons Winter Wing Ding #3 ("Not a (Green, Slimy) Creature was Stirring"), The Simpsons Winter Wing Ding #1 ("The Gift of the Maccabees"), The Simpsons Holiday Humdinger ("Con-Nukah!"), Simpsons #62 ("Li'l Krusty in Give a Hoot, Stay in School"), Krusty Comics  #3 ("The Rise and Fall of Krustyland, Part Three", and Simpsons Comics #62 ("Bart Simpson's Bible Stories"

Drawn  and Quarterly (1629) is the publisher of The PropertyExit WoundsJamalti and Other StoriesThe Golem’s Mighty SwingJerusalem : Chronicles from the Holy CityMary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus, and Toward a Hot JewD+Q also published the story "The Peasant and the Snake" in one of its anthologies, which has been reprinted in Jewish Comix Anthology.

Europe Comics (5524) is the publisher of The Jewish Brigade, The Red Poster, Mezek, and Second Generation.

Danny Fingeroth (Will Eisner : Portrait of a Sequential Artist session ; Who's the Most Neurotic Superhero session) is the author of Disguised as Clark Kent: Jews, Comics, and the Creation of the Superhero.

First Second Books (2800) is the publisher of Klezmer : Tales of the Wild East, the Rabbi's Cat books, and the Resistance series.

Mark Evanier (Jack Kirby : Friends and Family session) is the author of a Crossfire story for a Free Comic Book Day comic involving a Holocaust survivor who tries to kill a suspected Nazi war criminal.

Fantagraphics Books (1721) is the publisher of Jewish Images in the Comics, Palestine, and Barracuda in the Attic.

Sarah Glidden (Biographical and Autobiographical Comics session ; Spotlight on Sarah Glidden session) is the author-illustrator of the autobiographical How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less!, which was nominated for the 2012 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list and has illustrated a story for A Minyen Yidn.

Mike Grell (GG-16) is the author-illustrator of Green Arrow #57-58 and Jon Sable : Freelance #22-24.

Image Comics (2729)was the publisher of the series Youngblood (which included the Israeli superheroine Masada) and half of the Rex Mundi series.

Scott Koblish (II-03) is the inker of the story "Remembrance of Things Past" Fantastic Four #56.

Peter Kuper is the author-illustrator of the short biographical story "Promised Land" in Bleeding Heart #2, as well as the book-length autobiographical Stop Forgetting to Remember : The Autobiography of Walter Kurtz.

Last Gasp (1500) is the publisher of Funnyman: The First Jewish Superhero, from the Creators of Superman.

Stan Lee (Stan Lee and Friends: A Celebrity Tribute to the Comics Legend session) is the Jewish comics legend who co-created the Fantastic Four {which has a Jewish chartacter called The Thing} and who appeared in the story "What if the Original Marvel Bullpen was the Fantastic Four?" in What If? #11.

Paul Levitz (Paul Levitz in Conversation with Karen Berger session) is the author of "Tradition" in DC Comics' 9-11 September 11th 2001.

Miriam Libicki (M-07) is the author-illustrator of the jobnik! series (the first volume of which has been collected in trade paperback), the illustrated essays "Towards a Hot Jew: The Israeli Soldier as Fetish Object" ,"Jewish Memoir Goes Pow! Zap! Oy!", "Strange-ing the Welcomer : A Theory of Black and White and Jews All Over", and the illustrated mini-journals CeasefireFierce Ease,  "Strangers : A Long Distance View of Israel" and "Turning Right on Cassady". She also contributed a story to the  Jewish Comix Anthology and A Minyen Yidn.

Joseph Michael Lisner (4900) is the illustrator of the story "Corporate Ladder" which appeared in the series Cry for Dawn).

Elliot S! Maggin (GG-12) is the author of the Passover seder-inspired short comic story "The Miracle Monday Dinner" in Superman #400.

Jim Mahfood (Image Comics : Your New Favorite Series session) is the author-illustrator of Grrl Scouts.

Hope Nicholson (Geeking Out on Secret Loves session) is the editor of the forthcoming A Minyan Yidn un Andere Zacken — A Bunch of Jews and Other Stuff. 

Jimmy Palmiotti (Crowdfunding Success Stories! session) is the co-creator of the short-lived golem series The Monolith from DC Comics. 

Trina Robbins (A Bunch of Jews (A Minyen Yiden) session ; Women Creators Breaking Stereotypes session) is the author-illustrator of the story "The Triangle Fire" which was the cover story of the 2nd issue of Lilith Magazine, the author of the graphic biography  Lily Renee, Escape Artist: From Holocaust Survivor to Comic Book Pioneer, and the co-author of an adaptation of a Jewish song which was reprinted in The Jewish Comics Anthology and author of A Minyen Yidn (A Bunch of Jews). 

Bill Sienkiewicz (1714) is the illustrator of the story "Night Screams" in X-Men#159, in which Kitty is saved from Dracula by her Star of David necklace and illustrator of the story "Into the Abyss" in New Mutants #27, which had the Israeli mutant character Legion.

Robert Sikoryak (table Q18) is a cartoonist who has adapted classic stories into comic-style retellings, including a Dagwood-style "Adam and Eve", which was reprinted in Masterpiece Comics.

Gail Simone (autographing at AA-18 ; Spotlight on Gail Simone session) wrote the story "Li'l Krusty in Give a Hoot, Stay in School" in Simpsons #62, as well as "A Contagion of Madness"in Action Comics #835.

Emily Steinberg (International Collaborative TransMedia Narrative Comics session) is the author-illustrator of the autobiographical Graphic Therapy : Notes from the Gap Years, which is being sold at

J. Michael Straczynski (autographing at AA-21 ; Spotlight on J. Michael Straczynski session) is the author of the Spider-Man story "You Want Pants with That?" and the Rising Stars story "Selah".

Viz Media (2813) is the publisher of the 5-part graphic book series Adolf.

Len Wein (HH-06) is the writer of the golem story in Strange Tales #174 - see

Marv Wolfman (AA-05) is the author of the story "Return from the Grave!" in Tomb of Dracula #27, "Introducing the Hybrid" in The New Teen Titans #24 and Homeland : The Illustrated History of the State of Israel.


On Sunday (11:30 AM), there will be the following panel :

A Conversation About Inclusivity and Diversity in Comics and the Comics Market

Hear a diverse mix of creators and booksellers discuss diverse characters in comics, finding and audience for them, and the impact that the push for inclusiveness has had on the comics both creatively and financially.