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Friday, February 24, 2006

Josh Bernstein - the comic book

Those who don't watch the History Channel may be unaware of the show The Adventures of Josh Bernstein : Digging for the Truth. The show's star / archaeologist is Jewish, as he pointed out in the description of the episode "The Lost Tribe of Israel" ( :

As viewers will learn during this episode, I'm Jewish (as if the name 'Josh Bernstein' wasn't enough of a clue). My father was born in the Old City of Jerusalem and I have spent a lot of time both living in Israel and learning about my heritage.

Alas, Josh's Jewish heritage isn't even mentioned in his Free Comic Book Day debut comic, available free at participating comic shops on May 6, 2006. You don't have to wait until then to read it, though ; an online version is available at

Scipio has posted a review on his blog (with reproduced panels) at .


Anonymous said...

Scipio said...

"Scipio has posted a review on her blog"

HIS blog.

Thank you.

12:44 PM

Steve Bergson said...

It's been corrected.