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Friday, February 17, 2006

Neil Kleid, author of "Shomer Negiiah" and Brownsville

Over at Sequential Tart, reviewer Rebecca Henely gave the anthology True Porn a "9" and declared "There is so much great stuff in this anthology, it's amazing." Among the stories she describes is the following :
Practicing Jew Neil Kleid’s "Shomer Negiah" portrays being tempted in such a strong way that you can almost feel his passion simmering off the page.

That was back in Nov. 2004, but noone told me about it back then.

How does Neil feel about being a contributor to such a risque issue? During his Silver Bulletin interview, he said :
Let's just say Mom isn't getting a contributor copy.

In more recent news, preview pages of Kleid's Brownsville (a graphic novel about the Jewish mob group known as Murder, Inc.) may be found at the NBM website.

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