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Monday, September 22, 2014

3 Jewish Guys with PhDs (& 2 editors) talking about Jews and comics

On this special episode of The Comics Alternative, Derek Parker Royal (Visualizing Jewish Narrative) hosts a roundtable consisting of Danny Fingeroth (Disguised as Clark Kent), Harry Brod (Superman Is Jewish?), Stephen Tabachnick (The Quest for Jewish Belief & Identity in the Graphic Novel) and Steven M. Bergson (editor of The Jewish Comix Anthology).

Among the titles which get mentioned are Yossel, To the Heart of the Storm, Dropsie Avenue, A Contract with God, A Jew in Communist Prague, Maus, Jewish War Heroes, Unterzakhn, Up Up and Oy Vey, From Krakow to Krypton, Picture Stories from the Old Testament, Chick tracts, Megillat Esther, Make me a Woman and How to Understand Israel in Sixty Days.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Jewish Side of Rose City Comic Con 2014

On Sep. 20th, the Rose City Comic Con will take place at the Oregon Convention Center. Writers and artists who have worked on "Jewish comic stories" (ones which have at least one Jewish character in them) will be in attendance.

Among those who will be at the show are :

Mike Baron is the illustrator of many Nexus stories. One of the main characters in Nexus is Judah Maccabee aka "The Hammer".

Dark Horse Comics is the publisher of The New Two Fisted TalesCriminal Macabre : Feat of Clay, the comic book series Cud Comics (which, in issue #4, included the story "Ben Dordia's Confession"), The Amazing Adventures of The EscapistThe EscapistsBreath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem, and a hardcover edition of Fagin the Jew.

Joe Infurnari is the cartoonist who wrote and illustrated "Working Girl Golem", which is reprinted in The Jewish Comix Anthology.

* Karl Kesel is the author of the story "Remembrance of Things Past" (Fantastic Four #56).

* Scott Kurtz is the author-illustrator of PVP, the Eisner-award-winning online comic strip which once made a joke about the Superman Returns movie being "a Jewish conspiracy to convince Christians that Jesus was gay."

Miriam Libicki is the author-illustrator of the autobiographical jobnik!series and is a contributor to The Jewish Comix Anthology.

* Scott Lobdell is the author of stories which appeared in X-Men #-1  and Uncanny X-Men #319-321, all of which dealt with Magneto's past.

Jim Mahfood is the author-illustrator of Grrl Scouts.

Dylan Meconis is the author-illustrator of the webcomic Family Man, about a Jewish academic named Luther Levy, who was unable to defend his dissertation because he was not Christian.

* Ron Randall is illustrator of the first 2 issues of the comic book series Jewish Hero Corps.

Steve Rude is the author of many Nexus stories. One of the main characters in Nexus is Judah Maccabee aka "The Hammer".

Professor Ben Saunders is the author of Do The Gods Wear Capes: Spirituality, Fantasy, and Superheroes.

G. Willow Wilson is the author of the graphic novel Cairo.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Jewish Side of SPX 2014

Tomorrow (Sept. 13th) is the first day of the 20th annual 2-day Small Press Expo being held at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. This year, there will be plenty of Jewish cartoonists and creators of Jewish-content stories in attendance. Among those who will be attending are :

* Alternative Comics has published A Few Perfect Hours and both the Rosetta and 911 Emergency Relief anthologies.

Jonathan Baylis is the author of the So ... Buttons mini-comics.

Nick Bertozzi is the co-illustrator of Houdini : The Handcuff King and illustrator of Jerusalem : A Family Portrait.

* Center for Cartoon Studies is the publisher of Houdini : The Handcuff King. 

* Drawn and Quarterly has published Exit WoundsJamilti and Other Stories, The Property, We Are On Our Own, Letting It GoThe Golem's Mighty Swing, and Jerusalem : Chronicles from the Holy City.

* Fantagraphics Books is the publisher of Jewish Images in the ComicsPalestine, and Barracuda in the Attic.

* First Second Books is the publisher of Klezmer : Tales of the Wild East, the Rabbi's Cat books, and the Resistance series.

* Jules Feiffer is the author of the essay "The Minsk Theory of Krypton". 

Drew Friedman is the cartoonist who illustrated "What If Chris Rock Performed At A Bar Mitzvah?" (MAD Magazine #419) and "Marnin Rosenberg in 'Bad Luck with Women'" (National Lampoon - June 1987).

* Dean Haspiel is the illustrator of the Harvey Pekar biography The Quitter and Jonathan Ames' The Alcoholic.

Joe Infurnari is the cartoonist who wrote & illustrated "Working Girl Golem", which is reprinted in The Jewish Comix Anthology.

* Miss Lasko-Gross is the author-illustrator of the graphic autobiographies Escape from "Special" and A Mess of Everything.

NBM Publishing is the publisher of the Jew in Communist Prague books, BrownsvilleThe Big Khan, and the Isaac the Pirate books.

* James Sturm is the author-illustrator of both The Golem's Mighty Swing and Market Day.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Jewish Side of Baltimore Comic-Con 2014

Tomorrow (Sept. 5th) is the first day of the annual 3-day Baltimore Comic-Con being held at the Baltimore Convention Center. This year, there will be plenty of Jewish cartoonists and creators of Jewish-content stories in attendance. Please note that not all guests will be attending the convention on all days.

Among those who will be attending are :

* Comics Creators for Holocaust Education

* Joshua Stulman  is the author-illustrator of the comic book series Israeli Defense Comics and is a contributor to the forthcoming Jewish Comix Anthology.

* Dave Gibbons is the author-illustrator of the adaptation of "Sodom and Gomorrah" which was published in Outrageous Tales of the Old testament.

* Keith Giffen is the author of the Ragman miniseries that reintroduced the title character as a Jewish superhero and is also the creator of the characters Dreidel and Rabbi Zone, who both appeared in the pages of the last issue of the series The Heckler.

* Larry Hama is the author of the story "Words of Honor" in G.I Joe Special Missions #2.

* Dean Haspiel is the illustrator of Harvey Pekar's autobiography The Quitter.

* Paul Levitz is the author of "Tradition" in DC Comics' 9-11 September 11th 2001.

* Denny O’Neil is the author of the story " Night of the Reaper" in Batman #237.

George Perez is the illustrator of Wonder Woman #37 and #38 which had the character Rabbi Benjamin Hecht.

Paul Pope is the author-illustrator of the story "Berlin Batman" (in The Batman Chronicles #11), in which Batman is a Jewish painter named Baruch Wane.

* Ron Randall is illustrator of the first 2 issues of the comic book series Jewish Hero Corps.

* Joe Rubinstein is an illustrator of the 2nd Mendy & the Golem series and contributor to both Journeys : The Collected Edition and Balm in Gilead.

Louise Simonson is the co-author of issues of a Superman storyline (Superman : Man of Steel # 80-82), in which Superman went to the Warsaw Ghetto.

Herb Trimpe is the illustrator of the Incredible Hulk story "In the Shadow of the Golem" and is also the inker of the story "Words of Honor" in G.I Joe Special Missions #2.

* Rick Veitch is the author-illustrator of the series Maximortal.