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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Action Philosophers #4

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This issue has a comic story on the Jewish founder of Marxism (Karl Marx), as well as one on the kabbalah (with the golem).

MOCCA presented “Monstrous Protectors” on Feb. 10th

from the press release at

NEW YORK – At 9:30pm, on February 10th, 2006, the Rubin Museum of Art, in conjunction with the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, will present “Monstrous Protectors”, a multimedia presentation by MoCCA curator and comic book writer Fred Van Lente before a screening Paul Wegener’s 1920 silent monster movie classic The Golem.

The multimedia introduction traces the history of Jewish folklore’s premature “creature feature” in comics, from the Jewish folklore creature’s brief stint as a lead feature in Marvel’s Strange Tales, down through graphic novels by James Sturm and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Adventures of Kavalier & Klay. Van Lente also uses images from his own Xeric-winning, Ignatz-nominated non-fiction series Action Philosophers!, which features the story of the golem and the Jewish mystical tradition, the Kabbalah, in its fourth issue (on sale Feb. 8).

The Golem is being presented in conjunction with RMA’s “Demonic Divine” exhibition, tracing the horrific in Himalayan Art.

The silent film classic will be screened with live musical accompaniment by acclaimed musician Gary Lucas.

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