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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

only 13 days left to pre-order The Jewish Comix Anthology

With less than 2 weeks remaining for the fundraising campaign, what have people been saying across the blogosphere about The Jewish Comix Anthology?

Jay Deitcher at Unleash the Fanboy :
I cannot believe the names attached to this project - Robert Crumb, Will Eisner, Michael Netzer, Terry LaBan, Trina Robbins, Joe Kubert, (Pulitzer Prize winner) Art Spiegelman and a friend of mine, Steve Sheinkin. Initiate geek-out mode. It will even feature Crumb’s version of the Golem, ooh yeah, baby! With forty-seven top creators telling classic Jewish tales, this is going to be awesome.
Lauren Herstik at Nerdist :
It’s Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay come to life.

Kris Johnson at Geek Hard :
The team of Steven M. Bergson and Andy Stanleigh have really put together something special and it definitely deserves your attention.
Elissa Goldstein of Jewcy :
It basically sounds like the ideal bat mitzvah /afikoman / Jewish life-cycle gift. You can have too many challah-covers. You can never have too many comics!

All Jewish Digital :
There is a large following of the project from all over the globe, and AH Comics is hoping to see the momentum build into what may be one of the most unique and culturally significant publications of our time.
Robert J. Sodaro of We Love Comics :
It is very easy to get excited about the line-up of amazing talents involved in this book; including several artists whose original artwork is up for grabs as backer rewards; including Adam Gorham, Haiwei Hou, Katherine Piro, and Michael Netzer.
Barry Deutsch of Alas! A Blog :
fans of Jewish comics should definitely check out The Jewish Comix Anthology, which looks like it’ll be really excellent.
All pledges are in Canadian dollars and the lowest pledge allowed is $1.00 (but every little bit helps).

There have been several important changes to the reward levels since my original post about the campaign.


* a $30 "no frills" reward has been added, which entitles the funder to simply the hardcover book

* a $25 reward has been added which entitles the funder to the digital copy of the book (new material only), a set of 5 bookmarks, a set of 5 postcards, and an exclusive Golem t-shirt with an illustration by David G. Klein


* only 9 more editions to be signed by 6 of the creators (Adam GorhamKatherine PiroAndy StanleighShane Kirshenblatt, Liat Shalom, and Steven M. Bergson) are left to be claimed by those pledging $72

* only 2 pieces of signed original framed artwork remain to be claimed :
 - an illustration titled "Feeling" by Michael Netzer (for a pledge of $360, shipping included)
- a golem illustration by David G. Klein (for a pledge of $540, shipping included)

There is still a one-time opportunity to obtain a Jewish Comix Anthology first printing hardcover signed by Art Spiegelman ($1,000 pledge), as well as the opportunity to obtain one of the 4 producer credits available ($4,500 pledge).

We hope we can count on you for your support.

Monday, February 03, 2014

pre-order The Jewish Comix Anthology - 28 days left!

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign for The Jewish Comix Anthology has been launched. However, it will end on March 5th. The $50,000 CDN goal must be met in order to transform the idea into a finished product.
Those who pledge at least $10 will receive a special digital copy of The Jewish Comix Anthology that includes the almost two dozen new comics created just for the anthology!
Those who pledge at least $40 will receive the hardcover edition (all stories), the special digital copy, a set of beautiful postcards with art from one of the stories in the anthology, and a set of unique 7" x 2" bookmarks with various artwork from the anthology!
When you hear the names Robert CrumbWill EisnerJoe Kubert or Pulitzer Prize winning author Art Spiegelman do you think simply of historic comic icons?  Well did you know that Will Eisner adapted the little-known Jewish folk tale 'The Rabbi and the Inquisitor' with a modern New York setting? Have you seen Robert Crumb's interpretation of the legend of the Golem of Prague? When you think of Art Spiegelman does the short story 'Prince Rooster' come to mind?
Whether you answered yes or no to the above questions, you should back the Jewish Comix Anthology: Volume 1!  The goal is to bring 47 comic book and graphic novel artists together - including dozens of these little-known Jewish stories by well-known comic artists - into print in one collection for you!
The anthology brings together artists from Canada, the US, Israel and the UK, making the Jewish Comix Anthology: Volume 1 unlike anything you've ever seen before!
Would you also like to see new stories by contemporary artists? Well, the anthology has got those too!  27 of the stories will be new adaptations of Jewish folk tales, songs, aggadot (Talmud tales) and more into this Anthology of truly epic proportions!  The stories range from spiritual (Rabbi Ben Dordia, The Flute Player) to supernatural (The Shape-shifting Sorcerer, The Bleeding Tree) to humorous (Digging a Pit, Onions and Garlic) to tales of wisdom, adventure and discovery (How to Fill a Room, Yaish and The Protector)!
The Jewish Comix Anthology: Volume 1 will contain the works of 47 creators. It will be 8" x 10", approximately 252 pages, a beautiful mix of black & white with color comic book/graphic novel short stories, printed as a hardcover, perfect bound book. If this campaign is successful the Anthology will be ready for print this coming May, and will be released in June.
Robert Crumb, Joe Kubert, Harvey Pekar, Art Spiegelman, Michael Netzer and Will Eisner are just a few of the giants whose work will be included. In total there will be 20 comic creators whose previously published Jewish-themed works will be in the Anthology.  The titles that will be included by these amazing creators have been published by DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, Vertigo and Drawn & Quarterly from the 1940's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's!
What makes this Anthology unique is not just the previously published material from the titans of the comics industry.  What this Anthology contains is ANOTHER 27 ARTISTS who are creating brand new material!  These 27 artists were hand-picked to illustrate additional fascinating folk tales and stories from Jewish culture.  Words cannot describe how excited we are to have these amazing talents involved - including several artists whose original artwork is up for grabs as backer rewardAdam Gorham, Haiwei HouKatherine Piro and Michael Netzer!
For more information about the anthology, please go to the Kickstarter page at or head over to the official anthology website at

Below is a partial list of the contributors whose work will be included in The Jewish Comix Anthology. A full list may be found at

Steven M. Bergson (collector of sequenial art Judaica and blogger for the Jewish Comics blog, the Israel & Israelis in Comics blog, and the Jewish Women in Comics blog ; editor of The Jewish Comix Anthology)
Robert Crumb (author-illustrator of The Book of Genesis, as well as many of Harvey Pekar's biographical stories)

Will Eisner (author-illustrator of A Contract with God and Other Tenement StoriesFagin the Jew, The Plot : The Secret Story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the autobiographical To the Heart of the Storm)

Leibel Estrin (illustrator of the stories which appeared in the comic book series The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem)

Steve Greenberg (syndicated cartoonist whose corpus includes "Hanukkah Explained" and "Rosh Hashana Blimp")

Yaakov Kirschen (author-illustrator of the Dry Bones syndicated comic strip)

David G. Klein (author-illustrator of the graphic novel The Golem's Voice, forthcoming from Now What Books)

Joe Kubert (author-illustrator of Jew GangsterThe Adventures of Yaakov & Isaac, and Yossel : April 19, 1943)

Terry LaBan (author-illustrator of the syndicated comic strip Edge City)

Miriam Libicki (author-illustrator of the autobiographical comic book series jobnik!)

Michael Netzer (author-illustrator of the Israeli superhero comic Uri-On and illustrator of the Jewish Comics blog's logo)

Harvey Pekar (author of the groundbreaking autobiographical comic book series American Splendor, as well as such books as The Quitter and Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me)

Chari Pere (illustrator of Unmasked : The Ariella Dadon Storyauthor-illustrator of the webcomic Of Biblical Proportions and cartoonist / co-creator of the website Playing "Grown-Ups")

Trina Robbins (author-illustrator of the story "The Triangle Fire" which was the cover story of the 2nd issue 
of Lilith Magazine)

Ellis Rosen (illustrator of the story "Aaron Lansky and the Recovery of Yiddish" which appeared in the book Yiddishkeit : Jewish Vernacular and the New Land)
Sharon Rudahl (author-illustrator of A Dangerous Woman: The Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman)

Dovid Sears (author of the stories which appeared in the comic book series The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem)

Steve Sheinkin (illustrator of the book El Illuminado)

Art Spiegelman (author-illustrator of the Pulitzer-winning Holocaust memoir Maus)

Emily Steinberg (author-illustrator of the autobiography Graphic Therapy : Notes from the Gap Years)

Joshua Stulman (author-illustrator of the series Israeli Defense Comics)

The Golem's Voice by David Klein

Announcing the completion of The Golem's Voice, the online graphic novel by David G Klein, at

During WWII, a young Yakov makes a strange friendship with a mysterious being. Together they evade the Nazis and help others.

Now the production of the print edition begins. It will be published by NOW WHAT MEDIA. The author (Klein) welcomes any reviews, critiques and editorial comments.

After Golem's Voice goes to print, it's unknown whether the online version will remain. So read it now while you can and tell everyone about it.