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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Loyola Marymount University course cancelled for Spring 2010

Hopefully, the course will be offered again (without being cancelled).

Here are the details about the course-that-wasn't, as published at :

Jewish Graphic Novels
Course Status : Course Cancelled
Course Code : CNTX915.0181309

Description :
This course addresses themes related to representations of Jewish history, culture, identity as evidenced in graphic novels. In addressing these themes, will read and discuss graphic novels, and create—both individual and collective—representations of the themes. These representations will be in traditional analytic “papers” and in graphic depictions using sequential art (e.g., “comics”).

This course is cross-listed with INDA 498.04; graduate and undergraduate students please register through PROWL.

Required Text: Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics; Art Spiegelman, Maus, Vol 1 & 2; Neil Kleid and Jake Allen, Brownsville; Joann Sfar, The Rabbi’s Cat; Will Eisner, Fagin the Jew; The Golem’s Mighty Swing; Miriam Katin, We are on Our Own.

Location : LMU Campus
Session : Spring 2010
Days : Tu
Dates : 1/19/10 - 5/04/10

Times : 7:15 PM-10:00PM
# of Classes : 15
# of Weeks : 15

Prerequisites : None.

Teachers : Scheibel, PhD, Dean
Greenfield, David
Teacher Bio :
Dean Scheibel, PhD is Professor and Chair of Communication Studies at Loyola Marymount University. Professor Scheibel teaches a variety of courses including public speaking, research methods, and organizational communication. His area of research is organizational communication. Research topics include sororities, graffiti, rumors, faking identity, rock music, and surfing. Scheibel’s articles have been published in major communication journals including Communication Monographs, Text and Performance Quarterly, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Western Journal of Communication, Southern Communication Journal, and Communication Studies. His research has won a top award from the National Communication Association, and has been discussed and cited in numerous textbooks on organizational communication. He plays bass guitar and sings for Back Pages, a rock-and-roll cover band that play “covers” from the 1960s. He also plays tenor sax.

Format : Classroom

Tuition : $370

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