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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Comix Autopsy at the Yeshiva Universitty Museum - a tweeter's report

"mobius1ski" attended the "Comix Autopsy" event at Yeshiva University Museum last week and took the time to post "tweets" (aka Twitter posts) during the event.

Although anyone with access to public Twitter postings (i.e. anyone with Internet access and a browser) could read the posts, Twitter seems to make older posts unavailable over time. Since those posts were - at the time they were available at Twitter - "public domain" and subject to reproduction under the "fair use" clause of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, I am considering it appropriate to reproduce them here. Nonetheless, if "mobius1ski" objects to my reposting them, I will immediately remove this post from the blog upon receipt of his (polite) request.

Below are the tweets in chronological order :

apparently only 5 people care about comics and being jewish -- oh well

and so it begins #comixautopsy

crowd has multiplied by 5 #comixautopsy

.@elivalley: "i'm often accused of perpetuating antisemitic tropes." @thekvetcher (from the audience): "i feel you brother!" #comixautopsy

i could listen to @elivalley and miss lasko-gross talk comics all day #comixautopsy

lots of talk about racism, self-hatred & the other -- an obsession of jews or comic nerds? #comixautopsy

.@peartree4 "i depicted memuchan like a hiphop gangbanger [...] because they're always puttin' down the hos and the bitches." #comixautopsy

this event is like a 5-way chevrusa dissecting various pages of comic books. they project a page & the panelists analyze it. #comixautopsy

@aharonium there's a hashtag: #comixautopsy

.@peartree4 and @elivalley want to know: how much does persepolis author marjane satrapi dote on her panels? (not fans) #comixautopsy

.@cpere and lasko-gross stump for satrapi but differ on just how oppressed she was #comixautopsy

panel takes a moment to explain indie comics to epic beard man's doppleganger -- "no, they're not for kids" #comixautopsy

everyone agrees: the league of extraordinary gentleman movie SUCKED #comixautopsy

.@jahfurry does a great harvey pekar impression #comixautopsy

@TheJewishDream You're at the Center for Jewish History. You expected a hip crowd? This is where Jewish culture gets embalmed. #comixautopsy

.@elivalley "To quote Charles Bukowski and Jay-Z, you don't pick your craft. Your craft picks you." #comixautopsy

@kungfujew18 I did at first but eff it. Contributors can be anonymous. Publisher is not.

Show's over. A collector is pushing @elivalley to part with his originals. #comixautopsy

.@yudel brought the galleys for @bestdayofmylife's upcoming comic

The panelists

inside pages of The Comic Torah

cover of The Comic Torah


Gentile said...

G-d depicted as a green, ghostly woman? Isn't there a Levitical law against a depiction like that?

Kavitha said...

Nice contributions. Expecting your comments on my blog.