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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The following blog post is courtesy of the Classic_Adventure_Comic_Strips listserv.

On May 19th, Mark Evanier reported that comic strip and comic book writer and artist Morris S. Weiss passed away. 

Morris S. Weiss 
August 11, 1915 - May 18, 2014 

Allan Holtz lists Weiss' comic strips as 

It Never Fails 
Joe Jinks 
Joe Palooka 
Mickey Finn 
Mutt and Jeff 

An old notebook of mine also has him as a letterer for one week in 1934 on Wheelan's Minute Movies. 
And he "lettered, filled in black areas, drew stripes, cleaned up" for Knerr on The Katzenjammer Kids 1934-36. During his World War Two service he did "M. P. Muffit", a strip for camp newspaper in Battle Creek, Michigan. 

His NCS autobiographical card: 

A nice article by his son from a few years ago at 

Jerry Bails' Who's Who index of Weiss' work: 

Until this unfortunate event Morris Weiss was holding the title of oldest comic artist. That title now passes to Bill Crooks (afaik) or Irwin Hasen. 

Joe Jinks by Morris Weiss:

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