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Friday, August 10, 2012

People of the (Comic Book) retreat - CANCELLED!

Last night was supposed to be the first day of a 3-day program of speakers at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center.

Alas, the event has been cancelled. Below are the details of what had been planned (& will hopefully take place somewhere sometime in the future).

* Arie Kaplan, author of From Krakow to Krypton : Jews and Comic Books, speaking about his book

* Trina Robbins (author of Lily Renée, Escape Artist, co-author of "Zog Nit Keyn Mol : the Partisans Song" and author of "The Triangle Fire" which was published in both Corporate Crime Comics #2 and Lilith Magazine #2) - "Writing Comics & Graphic Novels".

* Sarah Lightman (co-curator of the travelling exhibition "Graphic Details : Confessional Comics by Jewish Women") - Confessing your Graphic Details

* Rabbi Simcha Weinstein (author of p, Up and Oy Vey! How Jewish History, Culture and Values Shaped the Comic Book Superhero), speaking about his second book Shtick Shift: Jewish Humor in the 21st Century

* Hussein Rashid - Wham! Bam! Dishoom! Muslims and Americaness in Graphic Novels * David Wolkin (Executive Director of Limmud NY) - Reading Between the Panels

* Danny Fingeroth (author of Disguised as Clark Kent : Jews, Comics and the Creation of the Superhero) - The Life and Art of Will Eisner

* Eric Greenberg - When Superman was Judenrein (a refernce to his 1998 article Is SUPERMAN ‘Judenrein?’

* Liana Finck - author of the A Bintel Brief cartoons in The Forward talking about her work

* Jeff Newelt - Remembering Harvey Pekar: The Art of Appreciation

* Lawrence Klein - Founding the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

* Arthur Kurzweil - Comic Books and Super Heroes: What do the Jewish Sages Say?

* Holy Shabbos, Batman! Observe the Sabbath the superhero way with our special services and delicious farm-to-table kosher homemade meals.

* Is Superman Jewish? A conversation with Danny Fingeroth, Arie Kaplan, and Simcha Weinstein Moderated by Eric Greenberg

* Women & Comics A conversation with Liana Finck, Sarah Lightman, and Trina Robbins Comics as a Religious Activity A conversation with all presenters

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