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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

last chance to pre-order Golem : A Graphic Novel by Hilary Goldstein

The plot of Golem : A Graphic Novel is as follows :
They framed her for the murder of the President, executed her husband in front of her, and nearly took the life of her infant son. Big mistake. Exiled from America, Danya Ben-El'azar and her six-year-old son Jonah have become the international mercenary team known only as Golem. With sword and pistol, mother and son travel the world hunting the people who ruined their lives.
Golem is written by Hilary Goldstein, illustrated by Giovanni P. Timpano and colored by Laura Schumacher. It will be published as 4 issues, collected as a 100-page graphic novel with additional content not available in other editions. Although Goldstein has surpassed his Kickstarter fundraising goal, there is still time to use his Kickstarter project page to pre-order copies of the story.

* Those who pledge at least $10 will receive a PDF of the complete mini-series and will be thanked on the website.

* Those who pledge at least $20 will also receive an e-book story collection of 3 all-new short stories exploring the world of Golem.

* Those pledging at least $30 will also receive an exclusive Golem trade paperback exclusive to Kickstarter funders with writer notes and bonus art which will not be available in future editions ($15 extra required if it needs to be shipped outside of the U.S.).

* Those pledging at least $35 get the same rewards as they would get for $30, but their trade paperbacks will be signed ($15 extra required if it needs to be shipped outside of the U.S.).

 To take a look at all of the pledge rewards, please go to

 As of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign has just 14 hours to go until it ends.

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