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Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Passover from Terry & Patty LaBan!

It's that time of year again!

Time to eat matzoh, drink the 4 cups of wine, laugh at the annual week of Edge City comic strips and ... ummm ... attend New York Comic Con???!!!

About that last part, if you didn't read my earlier post about how NYCC coincides with Passover this year, you can click on the following link and read it (& then y'all come right back, now, y'hear?) :

More about NYCC (Jewish guests & panels) in a separate post that will be finished tomorrow night, G-d willing.

So, now you may be wondering about the references to Terry (& Patty) LaBan and to their cartoon strip, Edge City.

Every year, the LaBans celebrate the holiday by both celebrating it in their home and by collectively sharing it with their readers by giveing us 2 weeks of Passover cartoons. Since his comic strip is available via the Internet, you needn't miss out just because your local newspaper editor used poor judgement in not adding Edge City to their comics page.

If you missed last year's Passover cartoons, fret not. I'm providing the links for them below :

As of this writing, only the first Passover cartoon of 2008 has been published at the Chronicle website, but there should be one every day for the next 2 weeks. Therefore, in 2 weeks' time, all of the following links should be valid and should each show a Passover cartoon (although sometimes the Sunday one is not a Holiday cartoon) :


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