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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bob Andelman (Mr. Media) Jewish comix interviews

Tomorrow, (Wed., April 9th at 1:00 PM EST), Bob Andelman's guest will be Arie Kaplan, author of the "King of Comics" series which appeared in Reform Judaism magazine, author of the "Dave Danger" comics (which also appeared in Reform Judaism magazine), author of "What if Chris Rock Performed at a Bar Mitzvah?" (Mad Magazine #419) and author of the book From Krakow to Krypton : The History of Jews in Comics, forthcoming from the Jewish Publication Society.

You may read the Introduction to the latter book at the Yavnet website.

If Arie were the blogmaster here, he'd also want to add that he's the writer of the Speed Racer : Chronicles of the Racer miniseries, issue 4 of which should be available soon. However, Arie isn't the blogmaster here. I am. Let him get his own darned blog. They're free, ya know.

If your boss won't let you take a break to listen to the show live at 1 (and what sort of meanie he must be, eh?), don't fret too much. Bob has kindly taken it upon himself to make past shows available in 2 ways :

(1) He records the podcast and allows people to listen to the recorded shows on his website ;

(2) He transcribes most of the show for those who'd prefer to skim the best parts rather than listen through the whole thing. I suppose it's also helpful for the hearing impaired.

Having visited Bob's website earlier today, I discovered that Mr. Media has recorded several other interviews which are of interest to those who like to listen to interviews &/or read interviews related to the topic of Jews and comics.

I'll provide a listing of a bunch of these below (with their hyperlinks). Perhaps, in the future, Bob could give me a heads-up in advance so that I can give this blog's readers advance notice about such interviews. After all, not all interviewees are as adept at shameless self-promotion as Arie is.

Danny Fingeroth, author of Disguised as Clark Kent : Jews, Comics and the Creation of the Superhero

Peter Kuper, author-illustrator of the short biographical story "Promised Land"(Bleeding Heart #2), as well as the book-length autobiographical Stop Forgetting to Remember : The Autobiography of Walter Kurtz.

Trina Robbins, author of "The Triangle Fire" (Lilith #2) and "Zog Nit Keyn Mol : The Partisan's Song" (Wimmen's Comix #10)

Howard Chaykin (author of American Flagg and Batman / Houdini : The Devil's Workshop) ... On Fighting with Will Eisner

Drew Friedman (MAD Magazine cartoonist)... On What’s Wrong With the Biography, Will Eisner: A Spirited Life

Bob Andelman... On Writing the Biography, Will Eisner: A Spirited Life

Benjamin Herzberg... On Working With Eisner to Craft Fagin the Jew and The Plot

Abraham Foxman (National Director, Anti-Defamation League) ... On Publishing Prospects for The Plot in the Middle East


Bob Andelman said...

WOW! Thanks for your kind and multiple mentions of my interviews at Mr. Media and the Will Eisner: A Spirited Life sites! I hope you will call in to one of the interviews soon!
Bob Andelman
Mr. Media

miriams(un)well said...

I'd give anything to know if Danny Fingeroth -or anyone for that matter- mentions
the influence of the tales of Lamed Vavniks, (Jewish folktale heroes who had secret identities, often didn't know they were super beings, saved people from harm, then melded back into their ordinary lives) on the young creators of Superman. We were discussing the LV's in synagogue a coupla months ago when that popped into my head. It's new to me, anyhoo.
On a more somber note, hubby just gave me a copy of Dave Sim's "Judenhass." Tough going, very, very tough going. I tried to avert my eyes and read at the same time, not easy. Well worth picking up. Good gift for anyone not understanding the term, "Never Again."