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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon 2007

The "Jewish Side" of the 2007 Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon

This year's guests included :

* Saul Colt of SSS Comics (author-illustrator of Rope, which has the character Robin Goldman, described as "a young very pretty Jewish looking woman with thick curly hair and has her police badge clipped to her costume. "

* Justin Gray (co-crator of the 12-issue Monolith series which stars a golem)

* Joseph Michael Lisner (illustrator for the Cry for Dawn series, which had 1 issue in which a racist businessman learns that his grandfather was a Nazi)

* Gabriel Morrissette (illustrator of Angloman 2 and New Triumph)

* Jerry Robinson (one of the illustrators of Bible Tales for Young Folk)

* Gail Simone (author of a Simpsons Comics story which showed Krusty the Clown as a Jewish kid in school)

* Marv Wolfman (writer for Teen Titans, including a story in which a member of the Israeli military is shot and later transformed into a super-villain ; writer for Tomb of Dracula, including a story in which Dracula is repelled by a Jewish man's Star of David necklace ; and author of Homeland : The Illustrated History of the State of Israel)

* Liana Kirzner (aka Liana K) - co-host & producer of the syndicated cable show "Ed's Night Party", which inspired the 2 comic issues of Ed and Red's Comic Strip. She is also hard at work on a comic book with theologoical underpinnings called The Vessel, a series about a woman warrior-avenger. Liana showed me the ashcan and pointed out how the lead character (when in battle mode) has the equivalent of sidelocks (peyes) and is wearing tefillin on her arm and head. Not the kind of Jewish religious imagery one typically finds in comics.

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