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Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Jewish Side of ... ". MOCCA Festival 2007

Last week's annual MOCCA (Museum Of Comic and Cartoon Art) Festival in New York had several creators who have worked on Jewish comic stories (many of whom are Jewish themselves) who were present to talk about, display and sell their wares.

Among them was :

* Lauren Weinstein (author-illustrator of the anthology Girl Stories, which includes the story Chanukah Blues" and writer-illustrator of the story "Horse Camp" which appeared in the anthology Stuck in the Middle)

* Josh Bernstein (a contributor to the magazine Royal Flush which includes stories of the "Mitzvah 4")

* Nick Bertozzi (co-illustrator of Houdini : The Handcuff King)

* Evan Dorkin (writer-illustrator of the story "One-Punch Golberg" which will appear in Action Girl Co-Ed Special)

* Cheryl Gladstone (author-illustrator of the mini-comic Bernie, the Wackiest Jewlipino on Earth!)

* Miriam Katin (author-illustrator of We Are On Our Own)

* Neil Kleid (who has written {and sometimes illustrated} Brownsville, Stable Rods, "Shomer Negiah", Pilgrimage : Two Weeks in G-d's Country and is working on both Migdal David and The Big Khan)

* Miriam Libicki (author-illustrator of jobnik!)

* Diana Marsh (illustrator who adapted the short story "The Bleeding Tree")

* JT Waldman (author-illustrator of Megillat Esther)


JT Waldman said...

Hey Steven-
MOCCA was great!
There were tons of us heebs all over the convention! It was kinda wacky actually.
There were lots of new peeps to the scene as well as some old ones!
is an interesting artist collective, Arie Kaplan was there working the floor showing off his new book and Miriam Libicki and I had a great time at the table we shared! A good time was had by all:)

Chari said...

Hi Steve! I hope all is well with you. Were you at MoCCA, and I just didn't see you? My table was right next to the aformentioned JT Waldman, who it was an honor to meet and grab a copy of his Megillat Esther novel that I've been wanting to pick up for a couple of years. The Infiniit link that he posted is actually a company that I am founding!

I actually have a number of exciting things to tell you about, including Infiniit, and was wondering what your e-mail address was. Send me a message at!

Thanks so much! And have a terrific weekend and a great Shabbos!

~Chari =0)

Neil said...

Actually, I wasn't there... I was in Italy!

Steve Bergson said...

I stand corrected. Were you originally planning to be an exhibitor? I was sure your name was on the list of this year's exhibitors when I first looked at it. I carefully checked the list name by name to try not to leave anyone out.