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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New York Comic Con 2007 Report #2 : Signings and Sketch


In this second NYCC report, I discuss my single sketch request and list the comics I got signed.

I asked Terry Laban to do a "Jewish sketch" for me and he drew an illustration of his wife Patty lighting a pair of Sabbath candles.

Comics that I got autographed :

* The Lone and Level Sands, signed by A. David Lewis

* Aardwolf #1, signed by Clifford Meth

* King David and Wolfpack #1, signed by Kyle Baker (he was an inker for Wolfpack)

* Testament #8 and a color printout of Testament #1, signed by both Liam Sharp and Douglas Rushkoff

* "Chanukah Blues", signed by Lauren Weinstein

* color printout of "Son O God", signed by Neal Adams

* printout of "How We Met : Neil's Version", signed by Neil Kleid

* Superman #80-82, signed by Jon Bogdanove

* Maximortal #4-7, signed by Rick Veitch

* Simpsons Comics #62, signed by Gail Simone (who wrote the story "Li'l Krusty in Give a Hoot, Stay in School")

* Peter Parker : The Spectacular Spider-Man #117, Mark Hazzard : Merc #3, Blasters Special #1 and Marvel Holiday Special 1993 (which includes the story "Revisionist History"), all signed by Peter David


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