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Friday, March 09, 2007

New York Comic Con 2007 Report #1 : The swag & purchases


In this first NYCC report, I will talk about the free stuff (aka "swag") that I picked up, as well as the 2 items I bought.

Free Books

The Privelege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner (which she signed)

Star Trek : Mirror Universe : Obsidian Alliance

Star Trek : Mirror Universe : Glass Empires (signed)

Free Magazines

Massive Magazine #2

TV Guide Feb. 26 - Mar. 4, 2007

UVC (Urban Voice in Comics) #1 Feb-Mar. 2007

Wizard Magazine #185 Mar. 2007

Free Comics (non-Jewish content)

Ambiguously Gay Duo Comics #1

Archie #572 Mar. 2007

CMX manga preview 2007

Crows Yard : Kiss preview

The Darkness : Level Zero Dec. 2006

Guy Ritchie's Game Keeper preview

John Woo's 7 Brothers preview

Jughead & Friends Digest #16

Megatokyo preview edition vol. 5

Mortal Coils #3 (2003)

Netcomics Manhua sampler - Spring 2007

The Sleeper Cycle preview

Stuck in the Middle TPB (which includes the Jewish story "Horse Camp" by Lauren Weinstein, which she autographed for me)

Veronica #178 Apr. 2007

Wildseed #0 Sept. 2006

Wildseed #1 June 2006

Other Free Stuff

CR-ROM from Roy Schwartz

Fone Bone figurine

The Hills Have Eyes 2 t-shirt

Illusion TV sampler CD-ROM

Shooter baseball cap

Starz Home Entertainment 2007 DVD sampler (which includes Hellboy : Blood & Iron and Highlander : Vengeance

Jewish Comics (purchased)

I finally bought a copy of the Pilgrimage : Two Weeks in G-d's Country by Neil Kleid, which he autographed for me.

I also bought the new Tery Laban trade paperback collection of his (& wife Patty's) syndicated comic strip "Edge City" titled Edge City, which he autographed for me. Though not all of the comic strips are explicitly Jewish, the strip is about a Jewish family and there are botyh Hanukkah and Passover storylines in the book. The cover shows Terry cutting a challah loaf while his family stands around the table, a pair of lit Sabbath candles standing on a cabinet by the window.

To see the cover, go to, which also has a link you can follow to pre-order the book.


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