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Friday, February 16, 2007

Heroes Webcomic, chapters 13-16

On Monday the NBC television series Heroes will introduce the character Hana, an Israeli mossad agent whose superpowers allow her to mentally access cyberspace. The NBC Heroes website has been hosting webcomic chapters that tie in with the TV storyline. Chapters 13-16, which tie in with the introduction of Hana may be found at the following sites (Acrobat format) :

Below is a description of Hana from :

Hana Gittelman, a new “Heroes” character with the power to “see” cyberspace (effectively making her a walking wireless cyber girl who can steal and read your emails without having to be plugged in), and who has only been seen in the online comics for now, will be making her debut in the January 22 episode of “Heroes”. Before the episode even airs, you can catch a glimpse of Hana in a sneak preview during “Deal or No Deal”, which as always will air an hour before “Heroes” comes on.

According to the online comics, Hana is an Israeli Mosad agent who is now working for HRG after her mother and grandmother were killed by suicide bombers. It is mentioned that HRG “gave” Hana her cyberspace powers.

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