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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

33 Jewish Reasons to Attend New York Comic Con in 2007

(1) Sunday afternoon panel on "The Jewish Side of Comics" with :

(2) Neil Kleid (Xeric award-winning author, discussing his Judaic-subject comics work, including Brownsville (his graphic novel about the Jewish mafia) and Migdal David (his upcoming cartoon memoir for Seraphic Press that explores the difficulties of growing up with developmental disabilities in an Orthodox Jewish community).
page from Migdal David

(3) Rabbi Simcha Weinstein (author of Up Up and Oy Vey : How Jewish History, Culture and Values Shaped the Comic Book Superhero)

(4) Danny Fingeroth (author of the forthcoming Disguised as Clark Kent: Jews, Comics and the Creation of the Superhero)

(5) Josef Rubinstein (contributor to Journeys : The Collected Edition and Balm in Gilead, both from Mahrwood Press)

(6) Stan Mack (currently at work on a series of Jewish historical fiction graphic novels)

(7) Steven M. Bergson
(, moderator
Steven M. Bergson

The Jewish Side of Comics
New York Comic Con
Sun., Feb. 25, 2007
4:00-5:00 PM
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
655 West 34th Street
Room 1E04

In the "Artists' Alley", one can meet and talk to :

(8) Peter David (who infamously used the names of seder plate items for aliens in a Star Trek novel and who wrote the stories for The Incredible Hulk #386-387 ; see and

(9) Neal Adams (illustrator of "The Ventures of Zimmerman" (parody of Bob Dylan) and "Son O' God", which appeared in the pages of National Lampoon)

(10) Aline Kominsky-Crumb (author of autobiographical comics, including the forthcoming Need More Love: A Graphic Memoir and wife of underground comix legend Robert Crumb)
Aline Komisnky-Crumn self-portrait

(11) Brian K. Vaughn (author of the comic series The Escapists, inspired by the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon)

(12) A. David Lewis (author of The Lone and Level Sands, a graphic novel adaptation of the story of Exodus)

(13) Kyle Baker (author-illustrator of the Vertigo graphic novel adaptation King David)

(14) Keith Giffen (author of the Ragman miniseries that reintroduced the title character as a Jewish superhero and creator of the character Dreidel, who appeared in the pages of the last issue of the series The Heckler)

(15) Jimmy Palmiotti (co-creator of the short-lived golem series The Monolith from DC Comics)

(16) Roy Thomas (writer of several Jewish comic stories, including ones with golems, the Holocaust, and a Jewish superhero named Nuklon who refuses to inter-date)

(17) Miriam Katin (author-illustrator of the Nazi-era biography We Are On Our Own)

(18) J. Michael Straczynski (author of the story "Selah" in Rising Stars #16, in which peace is brought to Israel and the Middle East and "You Want Pants with That?" in Amazing Spider-Man #502, which featured a Jewish tailor who helps prevent a crime)

(19) Ellen Kushner (creator and performer of The Golden Dreydl: a Klezmer ‘Nutcracker’ for Chanukah - a children's story which was recorded with Shirim Klezmer Orchestra for Rykodisc, and will be published as a chapter book in 2007 by Charlesbridge Press)

(20) Clifford Meth (author of controversial illustrated short stories, such as "I, Gezheh", "The Man Who Hated Lubavitchers", and "Wagging the Rebbe", editor of short story collections such as Strange Kaddish: Tales You Won't Hear from Bubbie and Balm in Gilead)

(21) Jon Bogdanove (writer of issues of a Superman storyline in which Superman went to the Warsaw Ghetto)

(22) Jerry Ordway (illustrator of an issue of Superman in which he went to the Warsaw Ghetto, as well as an All-Star Squadron story in which Steel ended up in a Nazi death camp)

(23) Douglas Rushkoff (writer of the Testament series from Vertigo)

(24) Peter Gross (illustrator of the Testament series from Vertigo)

(25) Evan Dorkin (author of the comic story "One-Punch Goldberg")

(26) Rick Veitch author of the miniseries The Maximortal, a fictional story about the early comic book business and some of the Jewish characters who were part of its history)

(27)Ben Katchor (author of The Jew of New York)

(28) Phil Jimenez (illustrator of a Heroes online comic featuring an Israeli Mossad agent named Hana)

(29) Larry Gonick (author-illustrator of the Cartoon History of the World series, which includes the history of the Jews and of ancient Israel)

(30) Arie Kaplan, author of a series of articles about the Jewish creators of comics ("The Kings of Comics") will be attending the convention and will probably be attending the Sunday panel. He'll be co-presenting the session "The History of Comic Book Movies" from 11-noon on Sunday. His book Masters of the Comic Book Universe Revealed! will be available for purchase at that panel.

(31) Jordan Gorfinkel (author-illustrator of the comic strip "Everything's Relative") will also be at the "Jewish Side of Comics" panel.

(32) Rabbi Carey Friedman (author of Wisdom from the Batcave) will be attending the "Jewish Side of Comics" panel.

(33) Lauren Weinstein (author of "Chanukah Blues" will be at Comic Con ; she's participating in the "Stuck in the Middle: Wonderment from an Unpleasant Age" on Saturday from 2-3 and is co-hosting "Carousel with Sikoryak & Friends" on Saturday night from 7-8.

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