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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Further Adventures of the Wandering Jew by Andrew E. Harrison and Norman J. Finkelshteyn

This work-in-progress was entered in an online Comic Book Idol contest.

The Silk Road Design Arts website has sample pages, as well as a concept summary :

Not quite 2000 years ago, Yishai was mistakenly cursed by a powerful magician named Jesus.

Condemned to live forever, he pledged to fight against earthly magical beings and mystical forces, so that no one would suffer his own fate. In medieval times, he was known in legends as the Wandering Jew.

Now, calling himself Jesse, he has decided to reclaim his once mundane life. He works as a temp in an office to avoid his extraordinary destiny. But the powers that be aren't having it. Jesse's old nemesis Merlin has returned, and is running an electronics store. The Archangel Michael still wants to use Jesse for his own purposes. And - his old brain inundates him with quixotic hallucinations.

Somewhere in between past and present, magic and banality, tradition and assimilation... is the Wandering Jew.

1 comment:

norman said...

Cool, I'm now mentioned in a blog! :)

In case anyone's curious, you can get my premiere book (or just look at the art) (just me - no Andrew) "How Ilya Murometz met his Daughter" here: