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Thursday, June 29, 2006

David Campbell and Passover (the comic book, that is, not the holiday)

from Dave's Long Box

In honor of the holiday, I present the comic Passover, from Maximum Press and the year 1996.

I got this comic back in the day so that one day I could teach my daughters the story of the Jews’ deliverance from bondage. Imagine my surprise when I found that Passover the comic and Passover the holiday have very little in common. I know, you’d think I would have figured that out by the cover alone. I thought maybe they were just embellishing the Passover story a little with the scary angel with the bloody axe. You know, jazz it up for the kids.

But no.

Apparently this comic is about the Angel of Death, who is responsible for the ten plagues that afflicted Egypt and goes by the name Passover.

That is stupid. That’s his name? Passover? What did all the other angels call him before the ten plagues? I guess Passover is a better choice than Lord of Boils or Frogsummoner, but still – lame.

Dave then goes on to reproduce choice panels and then adds his own biting commentary.

This is followed by 29 cxomments from visitors to Dave's blog.

Some examples :

kjmrcr said...

Did they ever release that team up issue with Tom Kippur?

Scott said...
"Belongeth" ?? That's worst than Thor-speak

bostonpenguincat said...
Passover and Good Friday in tag team action Vs. ARR-borday and Killer (C)Kanukah!

Rasselas said...
Is it stupid to wonder whether Passover is part of a super-team with Easter?

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