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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Y : The Last Man

Spiros Derveniotis provides a description of the series, while Kevin provides this mini-review :

It’s a witty, smart-edge-of-your-seat adventure and survival story, where Yorick is being taken by a secret agent named 355 and a scientist who is working on cloning (after all – no men, no reproduction. Hence, the end of the species – and not just ours: the animals die out too. This comic really knows every angle of this situation, and that’s part of the impressiveness of this story). They’re being pursued by militants, a psychotic woman’s group named the Amazons (every member cuts off their right breast, and is dedicated to showing everyone how better off they are without men. Yorick’s sister was a part of them), Israelis, and sex-starved women everywhere.

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