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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Just what the comics-reading world needs : another "X" book from Marvel. I'm still waiting for the day when the House of Ideas becomes so strapped for ideas that they must publish the comic about obese mutants trying to lose weight fast : X-Lax.

At least this comic (X-Corporation, that is) takes place in Israel, according to Dino Pollard.

summary of X-Corporation #1 : Warren Worthington plans to open an X-Corporation office in Jerusalem, but the Israelis may not be too happy about a pro-mutant organization operating in their holy city! Meet the division heads of the X-Corporation in part one of "Holy Land," by Eric Faynberg!

summary of X-Corporation #2 : Mousa al-Ghoul has been behind numerous terrorist attacks in Israel and now he has his eyes set on getting rid of the X-Corporation! But Warren and the other X-Corp board members have plans of their own, because they've discovered al-Ghoul's dirty little secret! It's the conclusion of "Holy Land," by Eric Faynberg!

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