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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Jewish Comics Side of Fan Expo Canada 2018 (Aug. 30 - Sep. 2)

Starting tomorrow, fans of various genres (including science-fiction, anime, horror, gaming, and comics) will converge on the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the 24th annual fall edition of Fan Expo Canada, the 3rd largest popular culture event in North America.

Among this year's guests will be those who have written, drawn, &/or published comics work with Jewish content.

Neal Adams  (738) is the illustrator of the “Son O’ God” stories, which appeared in the pages of National Lampoon. You may read all of the Son O’God stories (as well as the story of how Adams was recruited to be the artist) at Dial B for Blog. Adams also illustrated the Batman story Night of the Reaper in which the vengeful Grim Reaper is revealed to be a Nazi-hunting Holocaust survivor. Adams penciled The Last Outrage” (inked by Joe Kubert) which appeared in both The New York Times and the final issue of the miniseries X-men : Magneto : Testament and which also appeared as a stop-motion video on YouTube. He also co-authored the anthology We Spoke Out: Comic Books and the Holocaust.

* AH Comics Inc. (A420) is the publisher of Jewish Comix Anthology (vol. 1) and SCI : Jewish Comics Anthology (vol. 2). Andy Stanleigh - writer/artist/publisher - will be at the table throughout Fan Expo.

*  Willow Dawson (716B on Frday) is ,a talented Canadian artist who has illustrated the anthology No Girls Allowed : Tales of Daring Women Dressed as Men for Love, Freedom and Adventure, written by Susan Hughes & published by Kids Can Press. The anthology includes the story of Esther Brandeau, the first Jewish person to immigrate to Canada.

Adam Gorham (P055A) is the author-illustrator of the stories "The Magic Mirror of Rabbi Adam" and "Yaish and the Protector" (Jewish Comix Anthology volume 1) and the illustrator of the "Android" pinup (SCI : Jewish Comics Anthology volume 2).

* Sam Noir (404) is the author of the story "Major North" (Toronto Comics volume 2), which included the Canadian-Jewish character Aaron.

Matthew Rosenberg (P079) is the author of the comic book series 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, which includes the character Daniel "Berger" Berger aka Crotch the Sticky.

* Ty Templeton (P007A) is the author-illustrator of the adaptation "The Rabbi Who Tested His Metal" (SCI : Jewish Comics Anthology volume 2).

Toronto Comics (561) is the collective which publishes the eponymous Toronto Comics series of anthologies. Volume 2 contained the story "Major North" (by Sam Noir and Christopher Yao) which included the Canadian-Jewish character Aaron. Volume 4 (Osgoode as Gold) includes the story "Finkel and Sons" by Sam Ruano, Xan Grey, Nechama Frier, & Andrew Thomas, in which "a Jewish shopkeeper's son must quickly decide how best to protect his family."

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