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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The comics side of the AJL jubilee conference (2015)

From June 21st - June 24th, the Association of Jewish Libraries will be holding its 50th annual conference in Silver Spring, Maryland. One of the sessions on Tuesday June 22nd is titled "Graphic Representations of the Holocaust and Jewish Life", which will be moderated by popular culture expert Rachel Leket-Mor. Steven M. Bergson (editor of Jewish Comix Anthology, volume 1) will share "Secret Origins of the Jewish Comix Anthology. Christopher Huh (who is currently working on a new novel about Raoul Wallenberg) will talk about his Holocaust graphic novel Keeping My Hope. Dr. Rafael Medoff, a historian who has assisted with such works as "The Last Outrage" (X-Men : Magneto : Testament #5), They Spoke Out : American Voices Against the Holocaust, and "The St. Louis Refugee Ship Blues" (Washington Post, 2009), will discuss "Cartoonists Against the Holocaust: A New Way of Teaching about Genocide”.

The session is limited to conference attendees. The per diem Tuesday registration costs $184.59. To register, please go to

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

lesser known but cool Jewish comic book characters from DC