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Monday, September 22, 2014

3 Jewish Guys with PhDs (& 2 editors) talking about Jews and comics

On this special episode of The Comics Alternative, Derek Parker Royal (Visualizing Jewish Narrative) hosts a roundtable consisting of Danny Fingeroth (Disguised as Clark Kent), Harry Brod (Superman Is Jewish?), Stephen Tabachnick (The Quest for Jewish Belief & Identity in the Graphic Novel) and Steven M. Bergson (editor of The Jewish Comix Anthology).

Among the titles which get mentioned are Yossel, To the Heart of the Storm, Dropsie Avenue, A Contract with God, A Jew in Communist Prague, Maus, Jewish War Heroes, Unterzakhn, Up Up and Oy Vey, From Krakow to Krypton, Picture Stories from the Old Testament, Chick tracts, Megillat Esther, Make me a Woman and How to Understand Israel in Sixty Days.

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