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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Super Jew Comics - Hadas Gallery Exhibition

The Hadas Gallery is hosting the exhibition "Super Jew Comics" until June 17th.

The exhibition shows reproductions from Shaloman comics and a new comic titled Israel Defense Comics

Details below from the Hadas website :

Opening Reception: April 15, 4- 7:30 pm
Comics 101 Workshop: May 17, 7:30 pm
Closing Reception/ Jews ‘n’ Comics visual lecture: June 17, 4-7:30 pm

Hadas Gallery is proud to present the comic artwork of Al Wiesner and Joshua H. Stulman.

“Super Jew Comics” is an exhibition of original production artwork for the Jewish comic book series, Shaloman and Israeli Defense Comics. The exhibition celebrates Jewish identity in the graphic medium. Several events are planned to coincide with the exhibition, including a presentation by “Up, Up and Oy Vey” author, Rabbi Simcha Weinstein.

Shaloman, created by Al Wiesner, first appeared in Mark 1 Comics #1 in 1987. It was an instant success and the epinimously titled series began shortly thereafter. Wiesner has self-published the adventures of Shaloman ever since. His artwork fuses action, Yiddish humor, and Jewish education to create a unique hero. Wiesner’s work reveals a love of Judaism and golden age comics. Shaloman’s popularity has carried through in nearly 40 issues and four volumes. Wiesner’s artwork has been recognized in numerous articles, academic books, as well as complete collections held at the libraries of Ohio State, Michigan State Univ. and Hebrew Union College. In 2010, Al Wiesner was honored with the Inkpot Award at the San Diego Comic Con for his achievements in the graphic arts.

Israeli Defense Comics is a brand new series featuring the superhero Magen, the Shield of Israel, by Joshua H. Stulman. Israeli Defense Comics is an ongoing project to discuss social/political issues and Israel pride. Stulman is a working artist and painter, whose artwork develops from issues found within the large diversity of the Jewish community.
 Hadas Gallery
541 Myrtle Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11205

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