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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

pre-order a signed edition of the Comic Book Torah

For three years, Sharon Rosenzweig and Aaron Freeman have been collaborating on The Comic Torah: A graphic re-imagining of The Very Good Book. They've refined their story and characters as they posted them online each week at The Comic Torah website.

Now, Ben Yehuda Press wants to publish The Comic Torah as a full-color book. They need to find enough fans and supporters to fund a first printing. This is your chance to pre-order The Comic Torah -- and show there's enough support to justify publication.

For a $22 (US) pledge - the retail price of the book if it get published - you can guarantee yourself a signed copy of the book if it gets published. If there aren't enough pledges by the deadline (Nov. 18th), noone is required to pay. If there are enough pledges by the deadline, the money is transferred, the book gets published and the $22+ pledgers get their books sent to them.

It's like a different version of print-on-demand ... publish-on-demand.

For more details, please go to, where you can watch a short promotional video starring Aaron & Sharon (and showing what the full-color cover will look like).

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