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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watchmensch to tweak the blue man's bits

Shipping on Wednesday 18th March in the USA and Thursday 19th March in the UK, Watchmensch is a parody of a certain legendary graphic novel and recent blockbuster movie, as well as a trip through time to the beginnings of superhero comics.

Written by London-based comics gossip industry columnist Rich Johnston, drawn by newcomer Swedish artist Simon Rohrmuller and published by American publisher Brain Scan Comics, Watchmensch seeks to compare and contrast the legal wranglings over the recent movie, with the comics industry as a whole, from the creation of Superman in the nineteen thirties to the present day.

Featuring a large half-naked blue man (modestly covered) as the omnipotent voice of business, 1700 Broadway Manhattan, a vengeful and Hassidic-attired Spottyman, the rockstar billionaire Ozyosbourne, the legal eagle Silk Taker and the cross-dressing Nite Nurse, the Watchmensch have to fight against a global conspiracy that threatens the destruction of comic creators' rights.

Watchmen co-creator and artist Dave Gibbons described the book saying "I laughed out loud at Watchmensch. Several times, in fact" and in reference to the amended end of the Watchmen movie, stated "[Watchmensch's] climactic scene is more awesome than any squid!"

Shops stocking the comic can be found at as well as artwork from the comic, reviews and interviews with the creative team.

"Johnston's book shows a greater appreciation of Moore and Gibbons's original work" - Comics Bulletin

"heartfelt, interesting and a little bit angry" - Slashfilm

"The comic is totally worth it, and far more than just a parody" - Occasional Superheroine

"the revealing spreads on pages 18 to 20 are some of the best- drawn panels I've seen in years" - Bleeding Neon

"Watchmensch offers a savage take on US comics, laced with a decent amount slice of humour and visual gags" - Down The Tubes

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