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Friday, February 06, 2009

Neil Kleid at NYCC

Here's one more "Jewish" reason to attend this year's New York Comic Con - Neil Kleid (Xeric award-winning author / illustrator of Stable Rods, "Shomer Negiah", Pilgrimage : Two Weeks in G-d's Country, the graphic novel Brownsville, as well as the forthcoming Migdal David and The Big Khan) will be in attendance. Details below.

He's written that he has one or two things to announce. If you have a chance during the convention, please swing by to say hello.

Here’s where you’ll find him:


11AM-1PM: NBM Publishing (Booth 1713)
2-3PM: Image Comics (Booth 1403)
3-5PM: NBM Publishing (Booth 1713)


Meetings and general walking around, saying hello to pals.


10-11AM: NBM Publishing (Booth 1713)
11AM-12PM: Image Comics (Booth 1403)
3-5PM: NBM Publishing (Booth 1713)

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