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Monday, April 23, 2007

Reception for Bronfman Arts Fellows Project Presentations

Below is an event listing sent to me by Chari Pere

Reception for Bronfman Arts Fellows Project Presentations

Wednesday, April 25th at 7:00 PM
@ The Barney Building, 34 Stuyvesant St., NY, NY

Please join us for a culminating celebration of the Bronfman Fellowship for Emerging Artists at NYU.

The six participants will be unveiling their final projects which span a wide range from musical composition to multi-media art installation.

The 2007 Fellows are:
Valeriya Kotok, Sophomore, NYU's Steinhardt School of Education

Matthew Engler Junior, NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Majoring in Film & Television and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Deenah Vollmer Junior, NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study

Benjy Fox-Rosen Senior, the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music Majoring in Jazz Studies

Gilad Lotan Graduate Student, Tisch School of the Arts Majoring in ITP's Interactive Telecommunications Program

Chari Pere Senior, School of Visual Arts Earning a B.F.A. Degree in Cartooning

Refreshments will be served!

Contact : Jackie Miller


One of the girls, Deenah, and I are each working on comics-related projects. She is working on a graphic novel and I have won two awards, including an SVA Alumni Award, for my "Ultimate Unboring Jewish Calendar!" project. My project is in progress but sample pages will be on display.

Additionally, there are performance pieces by a couple of musicians, a film major, and there will be a multi-media project on display. It should be an enjoyable evening, and I'll let you know how it goes!

~Chari =0)


The “Ultimate Unboring Jewish Calendar!” is a project that Chari has been dreaming about completing for years. She plans on taking old jokes that have been circulating in the Jewish world for decades, and translating them into comics form for the first time ever. This will follow a wall calendar format: each and every one of the top pages will include a comic strip and a border that somehow pokes fun at the events or holidays that occur within that month. Each month will be completely unique, so that each person will not know what to expect as the next month is revealed. In addition to the generic holidays listed on every calendar (such as New Year’s, President’s Day, etc.), “non-traditional” daily holidays that do exist will be included, such as “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (Sept. 19th), and “International Chocolate Day” (September 13th).


Deenah will be creating an autobiographical graphic novel relating her personal Jewish history to that of the Lower East Side. The book will chronicle her journey to the Lower East Side from Los Angeles within the framework of American Jewish history and will touch on such topics and Yiddish socialist immigrants, the Beat Generation, the Folk music revival and the birth of punk music, all which have distinct Jewish roots.


Chari said...

Thanks so much for posting, Steve!! I really appreciate it!

We just started a blog to keep everyone up to date about the progress of our award-winning projects. The blog is and it will begin having more information after tonight's events.

Thanks again! I hope all is well with you!

~Chari =0)

deenah said...

wooooo!!! ya way to go steve. and way to go cheri. thanks. see everybody tonight!