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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chanukah : A Time for Superheroes

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Hanukkah: A Time for Superheroes takes off with the Hanukkah legend of the Maccabees, the ancient Hebrew band of brothers, literally, who fought against the religious repression of the Syrian-Greeks over 2000 years ago. The legendary courage of the Maccabees has also been a source of inspiration for comic book writers since POW, ZAP, and BAM appeared in full color on the DC and Marvel pages. The myth of the weak overcoming the powerful is the age-old message of this holiday of lights.

A Time for Superheroes delves into the background of the artists and writers behind the scenes at Marvel and DC comics, their humble origins and the backdrop of their Jewish experience that inspired Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and of course, Wonder Woman. The program features interviews with the bold and colorful creators of comic book superheroes like Stan Lee (father of all superheroes) and Alan Oirich (Menorah Man)and examines their debuts on the silverscreen.

A Time for Superheroes also introduces the Golem -- the Jewish mystical legend that inspired Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.... and also inspired the cutting edge klezmer group, Golem. Frank London entertains with the Klezmatics new Woody Guthrie CD and some special Hannukah greetings from some surprise contemporary superstars....

Archival radio shows, Hollywood movies and readings will bring
listeners to the edge of their seats. And host Arye Gross, noted actor and director, narrates the compelling tale of how the holiday evolved from a story of military victory to one of light and inspiration.

Also on the program : Trina Robbins, Rabbi Simcha Weinstein, Joe Kubert and Jerry Robinson.

There are dramatizations of the "Revisionist History" story from Marvel Holiday Special (Jan. 1993), as well as of the origin story for Dreidel Maidel.

You may listen to the program by going to
(Realplayer file).

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