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Monday, April 17, 2006

Havoc 21 #2

Baz reviews the first 3 issues of this "Definitive Irish Anthology" by Wolfman Productions at his Owl in Daylight blog.

In discussing the 2nd issue, he writes :
Indeed, the anthology kicks off with a story about pacts and regrets set against the backdrop of the holocaust. It’s a brave move to start a comic with the words ‘Heil Hitler’, and I’m not entirely sure that The Grave has the maturity or skill to pull it off, rather it seems to revel in the horrors of torture in order to provide a basis for the story’s final twist. The artwork is unconvincing too and appears to consist of delicately hand-drawn pictures that have, at some point, been mangled by a computer leading to some clumsy shading and an unnecessary pixelation and an overall cut-out feel. The pixelation in particular is a shame and there really is no excuse for it, there are hundreds of tutorials on the internet about scanning techniques and image preparation for the small press scene and allowing your art to be presented to the public in such a state shows not only a lack of quality control but a contempt for your audience, in my opinion.

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