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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Chat du Rabbin, JLU #16, & Shortpacked!

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The Beguiling's Chris Butcher reports on the Joann Sfar personal appearance interview and refers to the 4th French book in the Rabbi's Cat series. I did think the ending of the English edition (which only collected the first 3 books) was weak ; now I know that it wasn't the true ending. The 4th French book, called Le Paradis Terrestre may already be ordered through the French Amazon website.

There's a link to a preview page at

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JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #16: This comic is fun. And what's more fun than a Christmas comic?...Two Christmas comics! This week's JLU is the special holiday issue (and they even take time out to remind you the holiday is more than just Christmas: Atom-Smasher, who's Jewish, and Hawkgirl, who's completely from another planet, all get in the "holiday spirit" too!).

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What happens when you get some Jewish kid, a girl with ADD, a social recluse, a ninja, a former President, and a sociopath all working together in a toy store? Well, mostly pop culture jokes, it seems.

I haven't read much of Shortpacked! yet myself, but it seems that Ethan Siegal is a Jewish character.

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