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Monday, June 23, 2008

People of the (Comic) Book - article by librarian Wendy Wasman

Jewish Book World v.26(2) Summer 2008, p. 26-29.

This is just part 1 of a 2-part article.

Among the works mentioned in this article are : Palestine, Disguised as Clark Kent, Up, Up, and Oy Vey!, Jews in America : A Cartoon History, Maus, A Contract with God, I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors, We Are On Our Own, Mendel's Daughter, Yossel : April 19, 1943, Jew Gangster and Brownsville.

Among the works that will be mentioned in part 2 will be Miriam Libicki's jobnik!.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lauren Weinstein at MOCCA Fest 2008 - TODAY!!!

Due to Lauren Weinstein's last-minute e-blast message about her scheduled appearances at MOCCA (Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art) Fest this weekend - and due to my own busy schedule this weekend - I was unable to post about this until now. Lauren is the author-illustrator of the anthology Girl Stories, which includes the story "Chanukah Blues" and writer-illustrator of the story "Horse Camp" which appeared in the anthology Stuck in the Middle).

I'll paste the relevant parts of her message below.

The Goddess of War: Volume One, the first installment of my sprawling epic masterpiece, will debut at the MOCCA art festival this weekend!

For anyone who is used to my memoir-ey work, this is a HUGE departure, but don't be afraid. IT will knock your socks off, because it is funny, sexy, romantic, and sad and poignant, but also epic and sci-fi and all about the world's wars... PAST AND FUTURE!

Picturebox signing schedule for Sunday (today) :

11-12: Frank Santoro & Lauren Weinstein
12-2: Michel Gondry, Paul Gondry, Lauren Weinstein
2-3: Frank Santoro, Matthew Thurber, Lauren Weinstein
3-5: Michel Gondry, Paul Gondry, Matthew Thurber

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jewish Side of MOCCA Fest 2008 - June 7th & 8th

Next weekend, the annual MOCCA (Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art) Festival will take place at the Puck Building in Lower Manhattan (in New York).

The most well-known of the Jewish guests at this year's MOCCA Festival is, without a doubt, Art Spiegelman, author-illustrator of the Pulitzer-prize-winning Holocaust memoir Maus (although he had done plenty of work prior to that and has been busy since then creating new works & giving lectures).

Other guests of interest to readers of this blog, in no particular order (well, alphabetical order, actually), include :

* Willow Dawson, a talented Canadian artist, who has illustrated the upcoming anthology No Girls Allowed : Tales of Daring Women Dressed as Men for Love, Freedom and Adventure, written by Susan Hughes & to be published by Kids Can Press. The anthology includes the story of Esther Brandeau, the first Jewish person to immigrate to Canada.

* Evan Dorkin & his wife Sarah Dyer, the couple responsible for the story "One-Punch Goldberg" in Biff Bam Pow! #1, as well as the one-page comic "How to Cook a Gentile" (Heeb #15)

* Arie Kaplan, author of the forthcoming book From Krakow to Krypton: Jews and Comic Books, who was interviewed by Wizard Magazine last month

* Neil Kleid, author of the graphic novel Brownsville, as well as the forthcoming Migdal David and The Big Khan

* Miriam Libicki, author of the jobnik! series, the first volume of which has been collected in trade paperback

* Chari Pere, author-illustrator of the Jewish humor calendar "A Yearly Shpritz of Jewish Bits: The Ultimate Illustrated Calendar of Jewish Jokes (Old and New)"